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As I mentioned in my previous posts I went to Tromsø with the Metropolis team for 3 days!

Tromsø is about 1000-1500 kilometers far from Stavanger in the north!It's a charming little city surrounding with mountains and fjords! (I know most of the Norwegian cities are like this). I was pretty tired during the three days cause the sun came up at 10 am end went down around 2pm but from the second day it was cloudy, rainy and almost as dark as at night! So actually there wasnt any daytime during my stay! Its difficult to get used to it!

It was a teambuilding and observing trip at the same time, as we checked two big youthclubs in the downtown of Tromsø wich are both really popular among the kids.

We stayed in one of the newest hotel of Tromsø called The Edge!

On the first day we went to a club called Driv, to have a meeting with the leader of the place.
It's a cafe and a concert hall but much bigger than Metropolis.
They usually have famous perfomers so if you are in Tromsø and wanna see some great concerts it's a good idea to check the program of Driv!
After the meeting we chilled out a bit and went to a restaurant at the top of the mountains.

The view was amazing from there ...

Tromsø by night
...and I was pretty excited cause the sky was clear so we had the chance to see the 
Northern light!
And yeeessss, finally I've seeeeen it!!!!

aurora borealis
We ate our reindeer steak peacefully and then the waitress told us to go outside immediately cause the light is comming! It was growing bigger and bigger and danced in the sky like a dragon!
Unfortunately with smartphone it's almost impossible to take normal pictures of it, but if you have a good camera it's easy to catch it!

Next day we went to Tvibit, another nice youthclub! This one is more like Metropolis but their specialization is filming!
And they have just started a big project to rebuild an old firestation to a cultural center! It seemed interesting and I'm sure it will be cool!

This night we had our dinner at the hotel, of course with some norwegian specialities! Unfortunately I forgot the name of the fruit that I tasted but it was sourer than lemon! Even though it was delicious with caramel and vanilin!

On the way back we almost missed the shift at Oslo but finally we got home safe and on time:)

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