2014. szeptember 23., kedd

Trip to Trondheim

Last week I was at an on-arrival training at Selbustrand 1 hr ride from TRONDHEIM!
Here in Norway they dont measure distance in meters or kilometers but in hours because even if the city is only 60 km far, it could take one and a half hour to get there because of the mountains and fjords.
Selbustrand is a little village with around 5 houses and a big folkhighschool (the place where we lived during the week). Im so sorry but I forgot to take pictures of the school, but it was pretty cool, with a lot of facilities incl. swimmingpool, billiard etc.
I got a lot of informations about the programs/projects, Evs, Axa insurance, but the most important thing was I met a lot of funny and some less funny people:)

It was a bit strange that we had meals 4 times a day!
Breakfast: 8:00
Lunch: 12:00
Second lunch Dinner: 15:00
Evening meal: 19:00 (19:00 is in the evening???)

Pictures from the week:

This area is prefect for hiking (I know its true for whole Norway) full with a lot of lakes. They are crystal clear and its strange but you can drink from them! I did it as well and it was delicious!

Sorry for this picture but I have just this one with the beautiful landscape!

With my flatmates in the mountains!
Jose the glorious
Im the terminator
and the two cheerleaders


Of course churches are everywhere
but this one is pretty nice!

Its Trondheim from a tower (restaurant) which is spinning at the top! Its a bit annoying when you try to eat there! I was quite dizzy...
But the view was unique so it was worth the little sickness!!!

Anyway, I really enjoyed the trip!
I start working in this week so...

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