2014. szeptember 5., péntek

I'm here

Hellllloooo everyone finally I arrived to Stavanger so I'm starting to write my frenetic blog from now!

The city is located at the south of Norway at the coast, so the weather is changing all the time.
So far its sunny and warm but the winter is comming...:)

Im living with three other people from different part of Europe! Jose the Spanish guy, Charlotte the German and Léa the French girl.
Everyone has his/her own room and we share the rest of the house. The livingroom is the central point, we spend most of our time here.

About the city: The people are nice, everybody speaks English, which makes life easier for me.
Everything is made of wood, if not, its covered by wood:)
I had some previous knowledge about the cost of the living but its better than my expectations. The meat, the alcohol and the public transport are expensive but except these three the prices are like in a big European city! So you can get used to it easily!

some examples:
half kilo of white bread: 7 kr
half kilo of whole wheat bread: 25 kr 
(guess which one I usually buy...)
one kilo of chicken breast 100 kr
one beer in a shop: 25 kr
one beer in a bar: 75 kr (or more)
Monthly bus ticket: 650 kr
1 krone = 36 HUF

Usually people drive really slow here. The speed limit in the city is 50 km/h, on the highway its 100 km/h. Though the bus drivers think they are rally drivers and drive the buses like a Porsche...
Another strange thing comparing to Hungary is nobody wants to kill me if I wanna cross the road!They stop their cars and wait until Im at the other part of the road! Really amazing:)

Street art is quite popular here! You can always find some hiding paintings in the city!

Here are some pictures of the city:

This picture was taken by Lea Galasso (my friend/flatmate)

This is the house where I live

The centrum with a nice lake!


The view from my room!

The coast near the house

by Lea

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